Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby Thorsten the Traveller » Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:09 am

Now that Luis has acquired a new laptop, our game is scheduled to take place sunday between 17-18.00 CET
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby Vastor Peredhil » Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:02 pm

Luis vs Eric 0 : 6 as Luis was unable to play and we need to get going with the event
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby Vastor Peredhil » Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:25 pm

3rd round is in the books

William will play The Witch-king vs Franck with Heirs of Girion 2 : 4 (was 16 : 23) correct?

Luis will play Dwar vs Eric with Galadriel 0 : 6

Heiko will play Khamûl vs Ernst with FW Saruman 6 : 0

Herve will play Adûnaphel vs Mario with Gandalf 2 : 4

Giewon will play The Necromancer vs Nicolai with Dain 0 : 6

so standings after 3 rounds:

1. Eric 15
2. Frank 14
3. William 13
4. Nicolai 11
5. Mario 10
6. Heiko 10
7. Ernst 5
8. Herve 4
9. Luis 4
10. Gregorz 3

Match-ups for the 4. round:

Eric vs Frank (you guys should flip a coin on who goes minion, or let Eric play Galadriel again, since he has not play her actually 3rd round)

William vs Mario (is the minion for the 4th round)

Nicolai vs Heiko (is the hero for the 4th round)

Ernst vs Luis (is the hero for the 4th round)

Herve vs Gregorz (flip a coin please online, on who will be the minion next round)

Hopefully we are all into LURE mode, so we can finish a 4th round before LURE

yours Nicolai
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby Vastor Peredhil » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:16 pm

Heiko and me will play tomorrow night, cet 20.30 european time, doubtful if we can finish the game, but we will start this round
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby Vastor Peredhil » Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:09 pm

after Ardagor & Radagast was battling it out for 3 hours no winner could be found,

epic plays on both sides with stacked decks for both players, (both decks were running smoothly) and little bothered by the hazards thrown at them.

I was a a bit in fear of the awakend plant hazards in the FW radi deck, as I knew it could be lethal against an opponent sticking to [-me_wi-] in the way Ardagor does, but I had good 2nd hand (had to mulligan the 1st) which allowed me play my avatar and send the men away to their clanhold in Dunland (they would not be able to draw the clans to my side for the entire game (6 or 7 turns, not sure), but manage to set up a hound & wolf breeding pit instead

Heiko made 1 mistake in the game coming to close to eriador (Ruined Signal tower), so my trolls paid them a visit coming back from Moria wielding huge bonebashing clubs ;) 2 characters dead was a 4 mp (-2 for him + 2 and trophies for me)

after 5 turns Heiko was in the lead 24 : 18, but would double 9 faction mp & 4 ally mp, so I was way more behind then just 6 mp, on top of that he had just exhausted, while my dudes sat on another 22 cards in deck (though 2 misc MP which I would double).

So for the last 2 turns I had 2 major objectives, play a faction and play an ally, I had 1 ally in deck 2 in SB, 3 factions in DP which I could access with Call to Arms (but it would take 2 turns for each one the get them into my hand) and another allies in SB, 2 of which I could only play with Ardagor (as greyplayer War-lord he is considered a Balrog) also I had none of my 18 GI free and my only 2 guys had any DI from trophies.

5th turn I move from Cameth Brin to Creb Durga with my main company to be able to get a sure faction next org phase there, I SB an Great Troll ally to be able draw him in time to play him next turn after the faction with the help of Records Unread, 2 other companies squat at Dun-C-hold & Creb Durga, still no Dunlendings drawn

Heiko plays his last Ent (Beechbone) and Radagast B Bird, for 7 ally points, and alas An Untimely Brod for 1 misc mp. he has 27 mp now, though he was complaining that he could not manage his Girdle of Radagast, so I was wondering why he did not call on this point

6th turn, I manage to play 2 minder troll under Ardagor for extra protection, and get Cavetroll faction to hand, still no Dunlendings in hand, but I managed to draw Great Troll after redrwaing after 1st m/h phase, so I know I can get 3 mp and not be doubled for either ally or faction.
btw using a troll with 2 trophies and foolish words + Gifts as given of Old and a roll of 9 which I needed ;)

I was confused on why Heiko did not call last turn, which is why you should never play against decks you build yourself, so any way he moves into my area to Isengard, but I suspect he can cancel my cvcc and to boost he now has 3 huge tress and and shapshifting wizard with huge prowess as bodyguards, so out of nowhere he manages to pull of Hew the Stone and Saruman bites his tail in his tower, for 4 huge misc mp

31 total points and he call.

so I am down 6 points instead of just 2 and I have 2 items playable at hoard sites so I need to split my trolls up and move more than 2 regions I really would have liked as well as my backup The Dunmen's Dogs faction in hand; still I got another 6 mps in deck, 4mp dunlendings, Regiment and a War-wolf playable with the dunlendings if I manage to get the dogs recruited.

11 cards in deck still

Spying out the land choose me so nasty Old Man Willow and Huorn, so I know I have to take Ardagor up north to zarakdum to face scorba foe some weapon, the others need luck to reach the Isle of the Ulond for another hoard item

so 3 and 4 troll head of to their journey and face harsh odds, I make all rolls needed, except for Old troll defeating the AA the Isle (even a nasty Marsch drake on the way), but I had a paste in the company so I got both items and manage to draw the regiment to play for ardagor as well, still 3 cards left which have my 4 mp faction and my +3 DI Helm of Illusion

my decks worked as if stacked and I got my ass kicked by my own radagast deck, so win win for me ;)

so 31 : 31 after all CCs were made

thanks to Heiko for 3 hours of fun in LURE prep mode ;)

yours Nicolai
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby dirhaval » Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:23 pm

Mario and I have a DCCD game on Wed, 3/8 at 2000 Germany time or 1300 UC-6.
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby dirhaval » Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:33 pm

Mario, Let me know when you want to play.

I gave you a pm last week in response to your pm, and after a month of my absence, but I found today that my pm stayed in my outbox.
I like for you to respond via a pm out of doubt you will not get my new (today) pm to you at all.

Is the pm manager here named Barliman? Can I melt all the butter in him?

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby Thorsten the Traveller » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:09 pm

Galadriel (Thorsten) faced Ûvatha (Fangorn) on tuesday, round 4 of the tournament.

The Lady of Light sent her Mallorn-dwellers to search for rings, while the Horseman endeavoured to establish a Baradhrim League, gathering the wild peoples of the plains. The Green-elves traversed mostly Wilderness, but they still encountered quite a few Wild Trolls, roaming Berts, Williams, and other Hermit Trolls. Luckily they were aided by an Elven Handmaid who read an Essay on Ringcraft the first turn (!), gotten with a Great-road at Ost-in-Edhil. A Ring of Nature was forged and subsequently put to great use. Fanar took a few hits, but survived all bodychecks.

Meanwhile the Easterlings of the 9th Nazgul were demanding Tribute to Sauron around Mordor, travelling mostly in Shadow-lands. They were haunted by Lesser and King-spiders, but their stings only inflicted wounds. Gorovod brought them in even Deeper Shadow, Well Preserving the few Horsemen in the Night who got injured. Getting around a few Rivers and Enchanted Streams proved more difficult. Ûvatha showed on turn 3, saddled up on a Black Horse at Variag Camp, and galloped north to Mistrand, Calling a few Factions to Arms. Despite some Foolish Words the Baradhrim League was formed, with aid of some Gifts as Given of Old.

As both players were hit by adversities they could overcome, the game was tight. At Strayhold Celeborn's company was attacked by Ullis, but Aegnor bought the thief-agent off with a Token of Goodwill (a Star-glass). In return he got Treebeard (aka Fangorn!) to hand, which a Wood-elf quickly recruited. Beefed-up Beorning Skin-changers could not damage Ûvatha, and Galadriel was lucky enough to survive 2 attempts to Muster Disperse her Rivermen (with only 4 GI free).

By turn 7 Fangorn was leading 25-19, and in position to double 5 Miscelleneous MP. Ûvatha was Favoured by the Eye, thus he called the Audience with Sauron. The lead was deceptive however, as Galadriel in the final turn became Blind to All Else, gaining 5 MP for her rings, and formed a Royal Duo with Celeborn, preventing doubling of Miscellaneous. Sadly Mordor was too far away to have a look Into the Smoking Cone, but after eating some Waybread a trip was made to Tom's House, re-uniting the ancient allies for a Long Good Talk. Thus, final score 29-25 (4-2)
Stone-age did not end because man ran out of rocks.
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby dirhaval » Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:49 pm

Game for Tuesday 4/18 at 10:30 p.m. German Time for Mario and Bill.
We will restart our saved game of last week.

Great notes Eric! It challenges me to write a worthy tale too.
Nice to see a late push to win the game.
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Postby dirhaval » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:22 pm


balrog (Mario) v dirhaval(Bill)
Balrog-Felagrog-Lord and Usurper v Dunadan-Lord-Denethor-Captains of Gondor

Denethor wins the roll to start the game.

TURN 1a, Denethor
[hand: Forlong, War P, Glamdring, Dodge, PoWights, Mewlips
Forlong comes to Minas Tirith upon a call by the Steward.
All but Ioreth move to Lugurlar in hopes to find news of war.

Wargs attack in Chelkar. A star-glass is found to blind the demon-wolves; change attack to 2s7p
Another pack of Wargs attack killing Mablung with a bite to the neck.

The dark-hold is entered and the site attack faced. Forlong and Damrod wounded.
Glamdring is found in the treasure. No news of war found.

TURN 1b Felagrog
Buthrakaur, Lugdash and two Crooked-Legged Orcs under a Swarm of Bats invade Eriador.
Dunnish Clan-hold is their target. Gandalf the White Rider is heard in the territory
giving the overt minions trouble. The nearby caves of riddles release Mewlips under
a Plague of Wights. All are tapped before the site phase.
Hurog shuffles to Moria.

TURN 2a-Denethor
[hand: War P, Orcrist, Rescue P, palantir, Bergil]
Lord Denethor returns from holiday. He taps to shuffle cards to the discard pile.
Thorognil and crew return to Minas Tirith
They past An Unexpected Outpost that surely will cause pain later.

TURN 2b-Felagrog
Orcs from the sideboard, hand, and even the kitchen are played almost every turn onward
including Goblin-miners, Tracker, Orc Veterans, and Orc Grunts.
Hurog and orcs move to Under-gates.
Buthrakaur stays at the man-hold later playing Broad-headed Spear found in the smithy.

TURN 3a-Denethor, 7 MP, 50 pd
Bergil is released from prison, I mean school, to join Thorongil. Tower of Guard played.
Six move to Cirith Ungol (Thorongil, Damrod, Forlong, Anborn, Bergil, Faramir).
Ioreth and avatar stay.
Training of War-wargs are new to Mordor. Wargs attack in the Vale. Rolled one tie.
[Rumor of Danger not used due to costing a tapping and knowing hazard limit will not be reached.]
At the dark-hold, Forlong is killed charging the open gate facing two strikes.
Faramir plays Orcrist in the topmost tower. Anborn finds War Preprations.
Thorongil Rescues Prisoners. But could not ask for names due to the hasty desire to exit.

TURN 3b, Felagrog, 8 MP
Felagrog as Strangling Coils are found. Miner and Grunt are played.
Now, that company is Hurog, avatar, Shaman, Miner x2, Veteran, Grunt x2.
They move move to Moria mining Durang, and I think Dark Forges on Hurog too.
Buthrakaur stays to play Burning Rick, Cot, and Tree.
Lost forever are the New Line Cinema scenes shot of Battle of Helms Deep with no elves, but Legolas!

TURN 4a-Denethor, 42pd, 8 MP
[hand: Lock NBMH, League, Dark Q, Escape, palantir]
Sworn to the Lord is fetched.
Thorongil knows Lock Nor Bar May Hinder. Robin Smallburrow is found among
the prisoners. He was with a wizard during a trek to Near Harad and was captured
finding mushrooms next the head of a statue from a Gondor king.
15 GI now used. They move to Minas Tirith.
Khelegin and Ungolcrist are drawn.
Wolves attack in Ithilien; Star-glass blinds them. The swords of the faithful hack and kill.

The palantir is played at the site.

TURN 4b-Felagrog 11 MP
I think Dark Forges is used.
Buthrakaur Whips his maggots to Goblin-Gate.
Chill Douser is first found with an Icy Touch. It is one of many trophies.
Mewlips attack. Swift Strokes dispatches them.
Stirring Bones attack next. Another trophy.
Stirring Bones again attack. Foes Dismayed.

Great Lord of Goblin-Gate is bullyed to follow the troll.

TURN 5a-Denethor, 11MP, 31pd
[hand: Dark Q, Escape, Ungolcrist, Khelegin, Dodge, MFHF, LBLeaf]
LongBottom Leaf are found in Robin's pockets shuffling Legacy of Smiths and Fate of Ithel-stone.
Rescue P and War P stored.
The group moves to Shelob's Lair
Doors of Night welcomes the trek into the Vale.
Dire Wolves attack. Faramir heoricly plays MFHFought. Should of used Dodge on the last strike.
he did not tap for any, but rolls a 3 and dies.

War-Wargs await in Torech Ungol. Robin cancels them with a hasty Escape.
The site attack is easy to defeat.
Anborn plays Ungolcrist and itches to kill the arachnids.
Damrod finds lost War Prepartions carried by an Orc, but ambushed by Shelob the Great.

TURN 5b-felagrog 14 MP
Buthrakaur mvoes to Camrith Brin. Mewlips are hot on his tail--another trophy.
Sons of Kings learn of the counterfeits and attack > trophy
Stirring Bones found along the river > trophy.
[Now, this is good for Denethor to thin the deck, as you shall see]
Felagrog moves to Under-Leas. Chill Douser wounds Veteran.
Plague of Wights was in play.
He moves again to Under-Grottos. Eyes were seen in a lake, but ignored.
Dwarven Axe and Burning RCT happen at the Border-hold.
Dwarf-chopper is found at the Under-Grottos.

TURN 6a-Denethor, 14 MP, 20pd
Avatar shuffles a faction. Hirgon is played at Minas Tirith.
Thorongil must use his time wisely. He moves the men to Minas Morgul.
Withdrawn to Mordor discards on-guard.
The site is entered. Star-glass clears the path.
Damrod used War P to find Khelegin in the dungeon.
Robin dies facing the spiders guarding Rescue Prisoners.
Anborn plays Rescue Prisoners. Passes the corruption check.

TURN 6b-Felagrog, 22 MP
Denethor halves hazard limit to shuffle Muster Disperses.

Tracker is played at Grottos. He moves to Under-Leas to find
Ancient Black-Axe.
Buthrakuar moves to Mount Gundabad.

TURN 7a-Denethor, 16 MP
Denethor at Minas Tirith stay and draws many cards.
Thorongil and others move to Minas Tirith.
Ioreth says Marvels Told to discard Wake of War.
I think that discourged playing creatures, which I would of killed easily for points.
His anger of the deaths gives him Shut Yer Mouth.
War-wargs played as event.

Hirgon moves to Pelargir. Men of Lebennin is played easily.
Safe From the Shadow stores Ungolcrist and Rescue Prisoners.

TURN 7b-Felagrog, 28 MP
Tracker played with Felagrog.
Both players exhaust.
Foolish Words played on Buthrakaur, but
Felagrog plays Ancient Secrets to discard the hazard.
Felagrog moves to Wind-deeps then Rusted Deeps.
Breach the Hold is played, but wounds three orcs.
Orcs of Gundabad played with eased using Foe Dismayed.

Game called.

TURN 8a-Denethor, 28v34 MP
Legacy of Smiths played to give that 28 MP.
Noble Hound in hand. Would move to to CvCC, but Gundabad is five regions away.
Must draw MP cards! I discarded I think Bergil to get more general influence.
Palantir is used to peak at deck. Mace of Anarion found!
Thorongil and others move to Minas Morgul.
Lure of the Senses played on Anborn, but later discarded by Marvels Told.
Wind Turning failed.

Hirgon moves to Henneth Annun hoping to draw the faction.
It is a Fell Winter now. Twilight discards it.
He kills Wargs using Dodge, but wounded by another Wargs.
Muster Disperes played on Men of Lebennin with 7 free GI. A 3 is rolled.

The mace is played.

30 v 34

Anborn is corrupted on a roll of 3. (orcrist and starglass)

25v34. faction double = 25v37

My thoughts
Playing Sons of Kings was not the best idea, but I wanted to avoid playing Hillmen.
Faramir should of used Dodge. Good game overall. Undead are too much.
May be start with Star-glass instead of Backpack unless start with Herbs too.
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